Zulkaif Riaz

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Zulkaif riaz (7 August 2001) is a freelance writer, author, and blogger. He is currently living in South Punjab, Pakistan. Zulkaif riaz started writing as a part-time freelancing later adopted as a profession during 2019-20 lockdown.


Zulkaif riaz also known as zulkaif riaz kaif is born in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. He currently works as a blogger and freelance writer. He started a blog eKaif back in 2017 where he used to deliver blogging and tech related knowledge. He moved to content writing and freelancing.Zulkaif published a book covering the biography of Burhan Wani in September 2020. Along with freelance writing, he works as an Author at Global Village Space, NayaDaur, and other magazines.

Official Partner Person[edit]

Farhan Rana Rajpoot (Urdu محمد فرحان رانا راجپوت ) is a Pakistani Youtuber & Artist.

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