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Module:Infobox television season name is used to validate or create a formatted season link for use in Template:Infobox television season.


Parameter list[edit]

The following parameters can be used as named parameters or nameless positional parameters.

Parameter Explanation Status
title The title of TV program. If not supplied, will use the article title. optional
link Only for getListOfEpisodes. The plain link to the list of episode article. If not supplied, will create one based on the series name. optional

Function list[edit]

Function Explanation
checkAll Checks if the next or previous season have a created article or redirect.
checkPrevSeason Checks if the previous season has a created article or redirect.
checkNextSeason Checks if the next season has a created article or redirect.
getPrevSeasonArticle Retrieves the previous season article title.
getNextSeasonArticle Retrieves the next season article title.
getSeasonWord Returns either the word "season" or "series" as used in the disambiguation of the article title.
getInfoboxSubHeader Returns the relevant text for the sub-header field. The text is returned in the format of Season # or Series #, depending on either what the article disambiguation uses, or on manually entered parameters of the infobox.
getListOfEpisodes Returns the formatted link to the list of episodes article in the style of: [[List of <series name> <disambiguation if present> episodes <seasons if present>|List of ''<series name>'' episodes <seasons if present>]]. The link will only return if the page exists.