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Module:Infobox television disambiguation check is used to validate the disambiguation of a page using {{Infobox television}}.

What it does[edit]

The module preforms two checks:

  1. It checks by a series of validations if one of the accepted WP:NCTV disambiguation styles appears in the parenthesis. If it is incorrect, it places the page in Category:Television articles with incorrect naming style. Validations currently supported:
    1. Validates the format used is one of the accepted values.
    2. Validates the country adjective used is correct.
    3. Validates the year is using 4 digits.
    4. Validates that the style is ordered as <year> <country adjective> <format>.
  2. It checks if a page is using "(film series)", "(franchise)", "(radio)", "(season #)", "(series #)" or "(TV programming block)" as disambiguation, but uses {{Infobox television}} instead of {{Infobox media franchise}}, {{Infobox radio show}}, {{Infobox television season}} or {{Infobox programming block}}}. If so, it places the page in Category:Television articles using incorrect infobox.


Parameter list[edit]

The following parameter can be used as a positional parameter.

Parameter Explanation Status
1 The page's title. required

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