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This is the documentation page for Module:Demo


Usage via templates[edit]

This module supports {{Demo}}


and {{Demo inline}}


The input must be wrapped in <nowiki>...</nowiki> tags or else it may be processed before the module can read it.

Usage in a module[edit]

If you want to use this in another module (such as to make the output prettier), you can get values like so:


Function get() returns a table containing:

  • source = the source code (without <pre>...</pre> wrappers, characters substituted with html entities)
  • output = the execution result of the source.
  • frame = the frame from which this template took the parameter.

By default, get() takes the first parameter of frame. If the frame uses a different parameter name for the nowiki-wrapped source, then place that name (as a string) as the second parameter, like so require('Module:demo').get(frame, 'alternate_name')


 p = {}

 function p.main(frame)
  local parts = require('Module:demo').get(frame)
  return '<Pretty html><pre>' .. parts.source .. '</pre><more pretty html>' .. parts.output .. '<even more pretty html>'

 return p

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