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Infobox templates are templates that provide standardized information across related articles. Infoboxes may be "freeform" or partially automated based on parameters. The use of infoboxes is neither required nor prohibited for any article. Whether to include an infobox, which infobox to include, and which parts of the infobox to use, are determined through discussion and consensus among the editors at each individual article.

Subcategories are based on the sections used at Portal:Contents/Categories and Portal:Contents/Overviews. Note that many templates can appear in more than one subcategory: e.g. Template:Infobox squash player is in both Category:Sports infobox templates and Category:Sportsperson infobox templates.

To facilitate finding infoboxes of interest, many WikiProjects will list infoboxes that are often used for their areas of interest on their main Project page, or on a dedicated 'Resources' or 'Templates' sub-page. You can also search this category directly via the search box below.

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